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Adding Medications


After you build your profile, you will mostly use MyRxProfile scan over the counter and prescription drugs and check them against your profile to make sure they are safe for you to use. The green barcode scanning mode is for over the counter drugs and the red name scanning mode is for prescriptions. Just scan a barcode or name to quickly identify the drug and make sure it is safe for you.

Type or speak

We use an aggressive search on the 30,000 medications in our database so you can easily locate the drug and dosage that you are looking for.  Start typing the drug name or OTC name brand and find the drug you’re looking for.

Accounts and Profiles


To get the most out of MyRxProfile, you should create an account.  Why not?  It’s FREE!

When you have an account you can build your profile.  For those of us with children that we want to keep safe, and parents that we want to help stay safe and organized, you can build and maintain as many profiles as you want.  Once you have a profile, it’s really easy to make sure any medications you are considering are safe for you before you buy them.  MyRxProfile is kind of like having a knowledgeable pharmacist available to you again.


We use your Date of Birth and gender to help keep you safe, and many like to include email addresses because you can email your profiles to your doctors and medical providers right from the app so they know what you’re taking.

Name your profiles and include an image for easy identification and navigation. The number and severity of drug interactions are prominently displayed on each profile. 

All individual drugs are listed under each profile.  This list includes the dose, whether it is Rx or OTC, the category, the number of interactions, and the date added.  You can tap the medication to see the details on the interactions.

Swipe through the images to make sure you have the right match to your actual pills or capsules.

Scroll through the comprehensive information provided so you know as much about the drug as your doctor does.

Checking Drug Interactions & Saving to Profile

Once you have your profiles built, it is easy to check any medications you are considering to make sure they are safe.

When you identify a drug from the main screen, you can either save it to a profile by selecting the profile you want to save it to or check for interactions against an individual profile:

The drug interactions display, sorted by severity, so you can make sure it is safe for you or your loved one, before making the decision to buy it and save it.